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Policy Workflow Step 13

Since this is a cyclic step, we need to add the requirements as sub-steps to be completed in each cycle, and an exit condition.
We add the first sub-step by clicking on the “Request” button in the top navigation bar.
Again we add a tag, set the permissions, make this step active by default since it is required, select the schema type of the document – inverter in this case since we are adding an inverter sensor, and select the Id Type, since sensors are given DIDs, we select DID.
Next, we select the UI as a “Dialog” as we have done before from the drop-down. We then add content and title.
Programmatically this workflow step looks like this:
"children": [
// Button to create new sensor.
"tag": "add_sensor_bnt",
"defaultActive": true,
"permissions": [
"blockType": "requestVCDocumentBlock",
"schema": "9d31b4ee-2280-43ee-81e7-b225ee208802",
// Generate new DID for the new sensor.
"idType": "DID",
"uiMetaData": {
// Open the a dialog containing the new sensor.
"type": "dialog",
// Text on the button.
"content": "New Sensors",
//Button style.
"uiClass": "btn",
//Dialog title.
"dialogContent": "New Sensors",
"description": "Description",
//Dialog style.
"dialogClass": ""