This software is designed for use solely by the Hedera Council and staff. The software is being released as open-source as example code only, and is not intended or suitable for use in its current form by anyone other than members of the Hedera Council and Hedera personnel. If you are not a Hedera Council member or staff member, use of this application or of the code in its current form is not recommended and is at your own risk.

The Hedera Transaction Tool demo application enables council members to sign transactions on the Hedera network. There are two components to the demo application, the UI and CLI.

The UI component includes the following features:

  • Create a new account transaction

  • Create an account update transaction

  • Create a transfer transaction

  • Create a file update transaction

  • Create admin-level transactions

  • Create freeze transactions

  • Sign individual transactions

  • Sign a group of transactions

  • Import Hedera accounts

  • Import private and public keys

  • Generate keys

  • Perform software updates

  • Get account info

  • Get account balance

The CLI component includes the following features:

  • Get account infos

  • Collate transaction and signature files

  • Submit collated transactions to a Hedera network

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