Property Utilities

This is a collection of utility functions used for handling properties in a platform-safe way.

hethers.utils.checkProperties( object , check ) ⇒ void

Checks that object only contains properties included in check, and throws INVALID_ARGUMENT if not.

hethers.utils.deepCopy( anObject ) ⇒ any

Creates a recursive copy of anObject. Frozen (i.e. and other known immutable) objects are copied by reference.

hethers.utils.defineReadOnly( anObject , name , value ) ⇒ void

Uses the Object.defineProperty method to set a read-only property on an object.

hethers.utils.getStatic( aConstructor , key ) ⇒ any

Recursively check for a static method key on an inheritance chain from aConstructor to all ancestors.

This is used to mimic behaviour in other languages where this in a static method will also search ancestors.

hethers.utils.resolveProperties( anObject ) ⇒ Promise<any>

Retruns a Promise which resolves all child values on anObject.

hethers.utils.shallowCopy( anObject ) ⇒ any

Returns a shallow copy of anObject. This is the same as using Object.assign({ }, anObject).

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