The Wordlist utilities are directly imported from The Ethers Project. The complete documentation can be found in the official ethers docs.


wordlist.locale ⇒ string

The locale for this wordlist

wordlist.getWord( index ) ⇒ string

Returns the word at index.

wordlist.getWordIndex( word ) ⇒ number

Returns the index of word within the wordlist.

wordlist.split( mnemonic ) ⇒ Array<string>

Returns the mnemonic split into each individual word, according to a locale's valid whitespace character set.

wordlist.join( words ) ⇒ string

Returns the mnemonic by joining words together using the whitespace that is standard for the locale.

Wordlist.check( wordlists ) ⇒ string<DataHexString<32>>

Checks that all words map both directions correctly and return the hash of the lists. Sub-classes should use this to validate the wordlist is correct against the official wordlist hash.

Wordlist.register( wordlist [ , name ] ) ⇒ void

Register a wordlist with the list of wordlists, optionally overriding the registered name.


The official wordlists available at `hethers.wordlists`. In the browser, only the english language is available by default; to include the others (which increases the size of the library), see the dist files in the `hethers` package.

hethers.wordlists.cz ⇒ Wordlist

The Czech Wordlist.

hethers.wordlists.en ⇒ Wordlist

The English Wordlist.

hethers.wordlists.es ⇒ Wordlist

The Spanish Wordlist.

hethers.wordlists.fr ⇒ Wordlist

The French Wordlist.

hethers.wordlists.it ⇒ Wordlist

The Italian Wordlist.

hethers.wordlists.ja ⇒ Wordlist

The Japanese Wordlist.

hethers.wordlists.ko ⇒ Wordlist

The Korean Wordlist.

hethers.wordlists.zh_cn ⇒ Wordlist

The Simplified Chinese Wordlist.

hethers.wordlists.zh_tw ⇒ Wordlist

The Traditional Chinese Wordlist.

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