๐Ÿ“”Guidance for Open Source Policy Submissions

There are items to be submitted to process open source policies and add it to open source repo:

Policy Description

It should also include the following items:

  1. Policy / Methodology Description

  2. Workflow Description

  3. Workflow Diagram

  4. Youtube video explaining the above points in detailed.


We will be using iREC 4 as an example in this Guide for submitting an open source policy:

iREC Methodology:

Policy Description:

This policy supports the tokenization of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in accordance with the I-REC Standard, and specifically, the I-REC(E) Product Code. The I-REC Standard is a non-profit organization that provides an attribute tracking standard that can be used around the world. While the I-REC Standard is designed to track attributes for a diversity of products, Product Codes provide additional requirements for specific products and markets. The I-REC(E) Product Code provides requirements for electricity products, and was developed by Evident, who acts as Code Manager and Registry Operator. The schema and workflow of this policy were designed to reflect the MRV requirements, processes, and roles outlined by both I-REC Standard and the I-REC(E) Product Code.

Workflow Description:

The workflow begins with the Registrant, generally the owner of an energy production facility or a party acting in their behalf, submitting an application to the Issuer for approval. Once approved, the Registrant submits a registration request to the Issuer for the facility/device that will be providing the MRV data. This will include both general information, as well as attributes (e.g., energy sources, location, etc.). Note that devices must be, and often are already, independently verified. Under certain circumstances an inspection may be necessary. Once the Issuer processed and approves the facility/device registration, an issue request can be sent to the Issuer along with independently verified meter data. After the Issuer approves the issue request, I-REC(E) certificates are issued.

Youtube video can also be recorded, which would explain the policy in detail including the workflow and policy execution.

Please visit this link to get an idea for creating a detailed youtube video for the open source policy.

User Guide

Second step is to provide a detailed User Guide of the policy, meaning, a step by step process of running the policy with proper and clear screenshots of the policy steps. The steps should start from importing the policy to TrustChain execution.

For reference, please check iREC 7 Demo UI Guide.

Automated Policy Workflow with valid sample Input data

To run the submitted policy, it would be good to have all the valid sample input data, which is required to run the policy from start to end such as data required for all the forms present in the policy, etc. , so that we can test it with that data and validate the policy with an expected Trustchain and no. of tokens minted.

The data can be submitted in formats such as Excel or JSON.

Please check a sample input data for running iREC 4 policy:

Timestamps and files

We would also need all the IPFS Policy timestamps of all the versions of the policy, which would be added to the open source repo.

In addition to the IPFS timestamps, we would also need all kinds of files such as:

  1. .policy

  2. .schema

  3. .module (if any)

  4. .JSON (if any)

Please check sample example for iREC 4 policy: IPFS timestamp: 1674821702.668883536 Policy file:

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