Policy Workflow Step 14

Next, we need to add another step. To do this we click back to the β€œcreate_new_sensor_steps” step and click on the β€œSend” button in the top navigation bar since we need to send the information we collect to Hedera via the Guardian for storage.

Again we add a tag, data type – Hedera to be compliant with the Hedera transaction format, and entity type (Inverter) which indicates the sensor.

Programmatically this workflow step looks like this:

                // Save the created sensor VC in the corresponding Heder Topic.
                  "tag": "send_sensor_vc_to_hedera",
                  "blockType": "sendToGuardianBlock",
                  "dataType": "hedera",
                  "entityType": "Inverter",
                  "uiMetaData": {}

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