Discovering ESG assets on Hedera

As identified in Hedera Improvement Proposal 19 (HIP-19), each entity on the Hedera network may contain a specific identifier in the memo field for discoverability. Guardian demonstrates this when every Hedera Consensus Service transaction is logged to a Hedera Consensus Service Topic. Observing the Hedera Consensus Service Topic, you can discover newly minted tokens. In the memo field of each token mint transaction you will find a unique Hedera message timestamp. __ This message contains the url of the Verifiable Presentation (VP) associated with the token. The VP can serve as a starting point from which you can traverse the entire sequence of documents produced by Guardian policy workflow, which led to the creation of the token. __ Please see p.17 in the FAQ for more information. This is further defined in Hedera Improvement Proposal 28 (HIP-28).