Discovering ESG assets on Hedera

As identified in Hedera Improvement Proposal 19 (HIP-19), each entity on the Hedera network may contain a specific identifier in the memo field for discoverability. Guardian demonstrates this when every Hedera Consensus Service transaction is logged to a Hedera Consensus Service Topic. Observing the Hedera Consensus Service Topic, you can discover newly minted tokens. In the memo field of each token mint transaction you will find a unique Hedera message timestamp. This message contains the url of the Verifiable Presentation (VP) associated with the token. The VP can serve as a starting point from which you can traverse the entire sequence of documents produced by Guardian policy workflow, which led to the creation of the token. Please see p.17 in the FAQ for more information. This is further defined in Hedera Improvement Proposal 28 (HIP-28).