Token Operations

For a demo example of following steps, here is the policy timestamp: 1675164687.693099003

Task Summary

Create a token with which newly registered users would be automatically linked. After the registration these users would be able to create documents which would be used for minting tokens at the rate of 1 token to 1000 units of value in the document.


First step in the execution of the policy would be user registration. To enable this we will create a corresponding schema which would contain ‘First name’ and ‘Last name fields.
Second step of policy execution is data input and document submission. To enable this we will create a corresponding schema containing ‘Organization name and ‘Amount’ fields
To enable document submission we will use document input block (requestVcDocumentBlock) and document persistence block (sendToGuardianBlock)
creating new_user_registration Block
Please see example 2 for the more in-depth guide of working with documents in Guardian Policies.

Token operations

  1. 1.
    Create a token instances of which will be minted.
Switch to the ‘Tokens’ tab and create a new token
Creating a New Token
  1. 2.
    Please note we created a token with ‘KYC’ flag as ‘on’. This imposes the requirement to perform a KYC action on users before they can receive the token:
2.1 Link the token to the user via the ‘tokenActionBlock'
2.1.1 Add ‘tokenActionBlock immediately after the user registration
Adding TokenActionBlock
2.1.2 Select token and action type
Selecting Token and Token Action Type
2.2 Set user KYC
2.2.1 Add ‘tokenActionBlock’ immediately after ‘token_associate’
Adding tokenActionBlock
2.2.2 Select token and the action type
Selecting Token and Action Type
  1. 3.
    User ‘tokenActionBlock to mint tokens
3.1 Add ‘mintDocumentBlock immediately after saving the new document (save_new_documents)
Adding mintDocumentBlock
3.2 Select token which will be minted
Selecting Token from dropdown
3.3 Configure the formula which would define the amount of tokens minted
Adding formula for tokens
3.4 Configure the account where tokens will be sent to upon minting
Configuring Account type

Document Display

  1. 1.
    To show documents use ‘interfaceDocumentsSourceBlock'
1.1 Add a new container in which the grid containing results would be placed
Adidng Container Block
1.2 Ensure that ‘documents’ and ‘tokens’ are displayed in separate tabs
1.2.1 In the parent block set property ‘Type’ to ‘Tabs’
Setting the Property Type to TABS
1.2.2 Set the property ‘Title’ to configure tab titles
1.3 Add ‘interfaceDocumentsSourceBlock into the ‘tokens’ container and configure its columns
Adding interfaceDocumentsSourceBlock
1.4 Use ‘documentsSourceAddon’ block to retrieve data from the database.
Adding documentSourceAddon Block


Create User

Create Project

Mint Token