Input - a document or an array of documents which will be aggregated

Output - an array of documents, after the reporting period expired or the condition is met

Block PropertyDefinitionExample InputStatus


Unique name for the logic block.



Which entity has rights to interact at this part of the workflow.

Standard Registry.


Shows whether this block is active at this time and whether it needs to be shown.

Checked or unchecked.

On errors

Called if the system error has occurs in the Block

  • No action

  • Retry

  • Go to step

  • Go to tag

stop Propagation

End processing here, don't pass control to the next block.

Checked or unchecked.


We can set additional fields to group documents. Also documents are always grouped by user.

Field Path


Type of Aggregate

  • Cumulative Dimension

  • Period

If β€˜Aggregate Type’ = β€˜Cumulative Dimension’
			Expressions - calculated variables which help to ease the work with Condition and enable complex calculations
				Expression (i)
					Variable Name (string) - name of the the variable
					Variable Value (string) - formula for calculating of the value of the variable
			Condition (string) - condition expression which can contain math formulas
If β€˜Aggregate Type’ = β€˜Period’
			Timer - timer object to track the aggregation period (launched separately)
			(Please note that this functionality will change in the near future)

			Empty Data - if this parameter is set to true the timer gets triggered even if there were no data


Property NameName in JSONProperty ValueValue in JSONDescription

Event Type


Input Event

Output Event


Type of the event - determines whether this is ingress or egress event for the current block.



Block tag(string)


The block which initiates the event.



Block tag(string)


The block which receives the event.

Output Event


Event name(string)


Action or issue that caused the event.

Input Event


Event name(string)


Action which will be triggered by the event.

Event Actor


Event Initiator

Document Owner

Document Issuer




Allows to transfer control of the block (execution context) to another user. Empty field leaves control at the Event Initiator.





Allows to disable the event without deleting it.

To know more information about events, please look at Events.

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