Policy Workflow Step 20

An β€œapprove_page” needs a document source to approve a document. Therefore, we are adding a document source below the β€œapprove_page” by clicking on the β€œDocuments” button in the top navigation bar.

The β€œapprove_documents_grid” has the permission for the Standard Registry, must be active by default is of data type β€œapprove.”

In contrast to the installer case where we create documents and send them for approval, we have no dependencies on the incoming documents. We take account of this by adding the β€œsave_new_approve_documents” dependency.

Next, we add the required custom UI fields on the approval UI form. Note that since this is a general approval form we do not have to specify a schema or an entity type for the UI.

Below are the screenshots of the field inputs

Programmatically this workflow step looks like this:

        // Grid listing VCs of the Installers, which require approval from the Standard Registry.
          "tag": "approve_documents_grid",
          "defaultActive": true,
          "permissions": [
          "blockType": "InterfaceDocumentsSourceBlock",
          // Displays all VC documents from all Installers.
          "onlyOwnDocuments": false,
          "dataType": "approve",
          "dependencies": [
            // Refreshed when a VC is stored in the DB
          "uiMetaData": {
            "fields": [
                "name": "document.issuer",
                "title": "Owner",
                "type": "text",
                "tooltip": "Installer did"
                "name": "createDate",
                "title": "Create Date",
                "type": "text"
                "name": "document",
                "title": "Document",
                "tooltip": "",
                "type": "button",
                "action": "dialog",
                "content": "View Document",
                "uiClass": "link",
                "dialogContent": "VC",
                "dialogClass": "",
                "dialogType": "json"
                "name": "status",
                "title": "Status",
                "type": "text"
              // Column with the Approve/Reject buttons
                "name": "status",
                "title": "Operation",
                "tooltip": "",
                "type": "block",
                "action": "block",
                "content": "",
                "uiClass": "",
                "bindBlock": "approve_documents_btn"
          "children": [],
          "filters": {}

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