๐Ÿ”จHow to Configure HashiCorp Vault

  1. Configure .env/.env.docker files in auth-service folder

VAULT_PROVIDER = "hashicorp"

Note: VAULT_PROVIDER can be set to "database" or "hashicorp" to select Database instance or a hashicorp vault instance correspondingly.

If the VAULT_PROVIDER value is set to "hashicorp" the following 3 parameters should be configured in auth-service folder.

  1. HASHICORP_ADDRESS : http://localhost:8200 for using local vault. For remote vault, we need to use the value from the configuration settings of Hashicorp vault service.

  2. HASHICORP_TOKEN : the token from the Hashicorp vault.

  3. HASHICORP_WORKSPACE : this is only needed when we are using cloud vault for Hashicorp. Default value is "admin".

2. Hashicorp should be configured with the created Key-Value storage, named "secret" by default, with the settingKey=<value> records for the following keys:




Note: These records in vault will be created automatically if there are environment variables with the matching names.

How to import existing user keys from DB into the vault:

During Guardian services initialization, we need to set the following configuration settings in auth-service folder:

VAULT_PROVIDER = "hashicorp"

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