๐Ÿ’ปSearch using UI

Guided Search can be performed by two ways:

  1. Category based search

  2. Integration with Methodology name search

  • Within a single group of categories, Guided Search utilizes a logical 'OR' approach. This means that if a methodology falls under any one of the specified categories within the group, it will be included in the search results.

  • Across different groups of categories, a logical 'AND' criterion is applied. In this scenario, only methodologies that meet all category criteria across different groups will be shown in the results.

  • Guided Search further enhances its functionality by allowing the combination of category-based searches with specific methodology name searches. This dual-search capability enables users to refine their search results more precisely.

3. Search Result:

The result of using Guided Search is a tailored list of policies that align closely with the user's specified categories and methodology names. This makes the process of finding relevant methodologies both efficient and user-friendly.

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