This block allows the user to select a role or a group.


Note: β€˜Available Groups’ option takes priority and thus, when set, causes the system to ignore β€˜Available Roles’.

Note: Setting the Permissions property to β€˜No Role’ limits the visibility of this block to those users which have not yet selected a role or a group.

RefreshEvents are used to refreshing the UI, instead of "dependencies" property.

UI Properties


To know more information about events, please look at Events.

API Parameters

GET /policies/{policyId}/blocks/{uuid}

Path Parameters

  "roles": [],
  "groups": [
  "groupMap": {
    "VVBs": {
      "groupAccessType": "Private",
      "groupRelationshipType": "Multiple"
    "Project_Proponent": {
      "groupAccessType": "Private",
      "groupRelationshipType": "Single"
  "isMultipleGroups": true,
  "uiMetaData": {
    "title": "Roles",
    "description": "Choose Roles"

POST /policies/{policyId}/blocks/{uuid}

Path Parameters

Request Body

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