๐Ÿ”จHow to Configure Hedera Local Node

Step By Step Process

  1. Install a Hedera Local Network following the official documentation

  2. Configure Guardian's configuration files .env/.env.docker accordingly:



  1. Set LOCALNODE_ADDRESS to the IP address of your local node instance. The value above is given as example.

  2. Set HEDERA_NET to localnode. If not specified, the default value is testnet.

  3. Configure OPERATOR_ID and OPERATOR_KEY accordingly with your local node configuration.

  4. Remove INITIALISATION_TOPIC_ID as the topic will be created automatically.

  5. Set LOCALNODE_PROTOCOL to http or https accordingly with your local node configuration (It uses HTTP by default).

  1. OPERATOR_ID: The ID of the operation

  2. OPERATOR_Key: Private key of the operator_

  3. LOCALNODE_ADDRESS : The address of the localnode server. This can be its IP address or a domain name

  4. LOCALNODE_PROTOCOL : Communication protocol for interactions with the local node, can be http or https.

  5. HEDERA_NET : Type of the Hedera node to transact.

Demo Video


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