Fireblocks signing in Guardian UI

Operations remotely signed by the keys in Fireblocks

  1. submitMessage

All messages sent to Hedera are signed with the Fireblocks keys using Raw Signing method.

Operations signed by Operator ID/Key

OPERATOR_KEY is used for generating DIDs and signing documents as Fireblocks API does not support such operations.

Additionally OPERATOR_KEY is used for the following operations:

โ€ข newToken

โ€ข newTopic

Note: creation of new topics and/or tokens require freeze/wipe keys as a parameter in the API call. Guardian uses OPERATOR_KEY.

โ€ข wipe

โ€ข grantKyc

โ€ข revokeKyc

โ€ข associate

โ€ข dissociate

โ€ข freeze

โ€ข unfreeze

โ€ข updateToken

โ€ข deleteToken

Note: Similarly to the creation of topics/tokens, Hedera SDK API require explicit specification of keys as a parameter.

โ€ข transfer

โ€ข transferNFT

โ€ข newAccount

โ€ข newTreasury

Note: These operations require specific transaction type not supported by RAW SIGNING.

โ€ข balance

Note: Guardian uses the account specified in the UI

Enabling Fireblocks Remote Signing:

When creating a user, select the โ€œUse fireblocks signingโ€ option and populate the following fields with values from your Fireblocks account configuration:

  • Fireblocks Vault ID

  • Fireblocks Asset ID

  • Fireblocks API Key

  • Fireblocks Private Key

Users, which have been created with this option enabled to remotely sign their Hedera transactions using Fireblocks API instead of via the built-in Guardian signing workflow.

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