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User Profile Setup

User profile setup flow for Registrant users was reworked to be a wizard with 2 steps: Standard Registries and Hedera Credentials

Standard Registries step

There is a list of standard registries that are available for the user to choose. The list has a card view to display more detailed information. On each card the user can see such information as topic id, standard registry did, the names (and versions) of the policies that are the part of the registry in the dropdown list, username, law, geography, tags, ISIC (optional). By clicking on the needed registry card the user can select it and proceed to the next step.
Users are able to filter the list of standard registries by policy name and geography.
One the user has clicked on "Apply" they can see the Standard Registry related by the policy name and geography.

Hedera Credentials step

At this step the user needs to fill out the operator id and key fields or click the Generate button to generate these values.

User profile

After submitting the wizard and successful account setup user will see the information about account, tokens and retire in the User Profile page. This view was also updated for the mobile version.