ℹ️Types of Schemas

Schema Demo

There are four types of Schemas:

To display System / Policy Schemas in the GUI, we have added a toggle in the Schemas tab.

System Schemas

Whenever an account is created, System Schemas are generated automatically.

Note: By default System Schemas cannot be edited/deleted.

Policy Schemas

This is the second option in the Schemas tab. This option displays all the Policy Schemas related to all the created/imported Policies in the Policies tab.

The below screenshot shows the Policy Schemas of an imported Policy (i.e. iRec).

We also have a filter, where by default, all the Schemas of Policies are shown. We can also select a particular Policy to show the Schemas of the selected Policy.

Tag Schemas

Tags can have attached/linked documents. To add a document to the tag a schema is required. Such documents can be found under the Tag Schemas section.

Module Schemas

Module schemas needs to define minimum set of fields in module variable with type β€œschema”.

Creation of Schemas

To create module schema, we need to click on Create New button:

Using schemas:

Select module schema in β€œBaseSchema” fileld in module variables section

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