System/Policy Schemas

Schema Demo

There are two types of Schemas:
To display System / Policy Schemas in the GUI, we have added a toggle in the Schemas tab.

System Schemas

Whenever an account is created, System Schemas are generated automatically.
Note: By default System Schemas cannot be edited/deleted.

Policy Schemas

This is the second option in the Schemas tab. This option displays all the Policy Schemas related to all the created/imported Policies in the Policies tab.
The below screenshot shows the Policy Schemas of an imported Policy (i.e. iRec).
We also have a filter, where by default, all the Schemas of Policies are shown. We can also select a particular Policy to show the Schemas of the selected Policy.

Module Schemas

Module schemas needs to define minimum set of fields in module variable with type “schema”.

Creation of Schemas

To create module schema, we need to click on Create New button:

Using schemas:

Select module schema in “BaseSchema” fileld in module variables section