Getting Keys from FireBlocks UI

  1. Create API user by clicking on Developer Center option in the side menu and then clicking on Add API User:

In new API user dialog, you can download Private key file or upload your custom key file.

Content of this file you need to pass into β€œFireblocks Private Key” field.

  1. When the user was created – click on Settings and then click on the Key icon for the respective user to copy API Key:

Use this to fill the β€œFireblocks API key” field.

  1. In the FireBlocks console navigate to the β€œAccounts” tab and select one of the accounts listed. Create a wallet for HBAR (mainnet) or HBAR_TEST (testnet) asset ID. Click on the wallet created, the number in url should be used for the value in the β€œFireblocks Vault ID” field, and the asset name chosen is for the β€œFireblocks Asset ID” field.

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