This block contains DocumentsSourceAddOn and set relationships for input document from DocumentsSourceAddOn documents (messageId’s). It doesn’t save document to database.


Block PropertyDefinitionExample InputStatus


Unique name for the logic block.



Which entity has rights to interact at this part of the workflow.



Shows whether this block is active at this time and whether it needs to be shown.

Checked or unchecked.

On errors

Called if the system error has occurs in the Block

  • No action

  • Retry

  • Go to step

  • Go to tag

stop Propagation

End processing here, don't pass control to the next block.

Checked or unchecked.

Include Accounts

Merges all the accounts from the documents

Checked or unchecked.

Change Owner

It takes owner from first document

Checked or unchecked.

Include Tokens

We can get token template name and appropriate token id from related documents

Checked or unchecked.

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