๐Ÿ”จHow to Restore Account from Database/Hashicorp Vault during Setup

For backup all data, we need to create dump of all used mongodb databases and hashicorp vault (if it use)

Mongo DB:

Mongo DB databases set in .env (.env.docker) files or via environment variables named DB_DATABASE Default names:

  • auth-service - auth_db

  • guardian-service - guardian_db

  • logger-service (not nesessary) - logger_db

Example using mongo utils:

Creating dump:

mongodump --db auth_db --out ./dump
mongodump --db guardian_db --out ./dump
mongodump --db logger_db --out ./dump

Restoring dump:

mongorestore --db auth_db ./dump/auth_db
mongorestore --db guardian_db ./dump/guardian_db
mongorestore --db logger_db ./dump/logger_db

Hashicorp Vault:

For Hashicorp vault backup and restore use this instructions: https://developer.hashicorp.com/vault/tutorials/standard-procedures/sop-backup

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