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Block Property
Example Input
A block type which outputs information from the DB as grid.
InterfaceDocumentsSource Block (Can't be changed).
Unique name for the logic block.
Which entity has rights to interact at this part of the workflow.
Shows whether this block is active at this time and whether it needs to be shown.
Checked or unchecked.
Automatic update. The block is automatically re-rendered if any of the linked components gets updated.
Select the appropriate block from the dropdown.
Specify the table to request the data from.
Current options are: Verifiable Credential, DID, Approve, or Hedera.
RefreshEvents are used to refreshing the UI, instead of "dependencies" property.

UI Properties

UI Property
Type of the displayed value, possible options. Current options are: TEXT (ordinary text), BUTTON (a button), or BLOCK (a block embedded into the column).
Enable common sorting
  1. 1.
    When it is true, user can sort grid data on UI side, or make POST request to interfaceSourceBlock with body ({ orderField: 'option.status', orderDirection: 'asc'}) to change sorting through the API
  2. 2.
    When it is false, user can set order to specific documentSourceAddon block by POST request with same body through the API
Field Name
Object fields to retrieve the values from. Internal fields are separated by ".", access to array elements is via index. This is the field name.
Field Type
Current Options: TEXT, BUTTON, AND BLOCK.
Field Title
Title of the column.
Field Tooltip
Provide a tooltip for the field.
Field Cell Content
Content inside the cell.
Field UI Class
Arbitrary Class
For example : 100px
Bind Group
If interfaceDocumentsSourceBlock has more than one documentsSourceAddon, then you can create different columns for each (names must be the same)
Bind Block
Specifying a "bindBlock" field would result in the display of the linked block in side the dialog.. Needs for the field type to be a BLOCK or BUTTON with the Action type as DIALOGUE.
Needs for the field type to be a BUTTON. Specifies what action will happen when the button is clicked. Action options are currently: LINK to a URL or prompt a DIALOGUE box.
Dialogue Type
Currently only json type is supported. Needs for the field type to be a BUTTON and Action to be DIALOGUE.
Dialogue Content
Provide content for the dialogue box. Needs for the field type to be a BUTTON and Action to be DIALOGUE.
Dialogue Class
Dialog style. Needs for the field type to be a BUTTON and Action to be DIALOGUE.


Property Name
Name in JSON
Property Value
Value in JSON
Event Type
Input Event
Output Event
Type of the event - determines whether this is ingress or egress event for the current block.
Block tag(string)
The block which initiates the event.
Block tag(string)
The block which receives the event.
Output Event
Event name(string)
Action or issue that caused the event.
Input Event
Event name(string)
Action which will be triggered by the event.
Event Actor
Event Initiator
Document Owner
Document Issuer
Allows to transfer control of the block (execution context) to another user. Empty field leaves control at the Event Initiator.
Allows to disable the event without deleting it.
To know more information about events, please look at Events.

API Parameters