Create a key list

Create a key list key structure where all the keys in the list are required to sign transactions that modify accounts, topics, tokens, smart contracts, or files. A key **** list can contain a Ed25519 or ECDSA (secp256k1_)_ key type.

If all the keys in the key list key structure do not sign, the transaction will fail and return an "INVALID_SIGNATURE" error. A key list can have repeated keys. A signature for the repeated key will count as many times as the key is listed in the key list. For example, a key list has three keys. Two of the three public keys in the list are the same. When a user signs a transaction with the repeated key it will account for two out of the three keys required signature.






Add one public key to the key list



Add all keys to the key list

//Generate 3 keys
Ed25519PrivateKey key1 = Ed25519PrivateKey.generate();
Ed25519PublicKey publicKey1 = key1.publicKey;

Ed25519PrivateKey key2 = Ed25519PrivateKey.generate();
Ed25519PublicKey publicKey2 = key2.publicKey;

Ed25519PrivateKey key3 = Ed25519PrivateKey.generate();
Ed25519PublicKey publicKey3 = key3.publicKey;

//Add they keys to a key list
KeyList keyList = new KeyList().add(publicKey1).add(publicKey2).add(publicKey3);

//Generate 3 keys
const key1 = await Ed25519PrivateKey.generate();
const publicKey1 = key1.publicKey;

const key2 = await Ed25519PrivateKey.generate();
const publicKey2 = key2.publicKey;

const key3 = await Ed25519PrivateKey.generate();
const publicKey3 = key3.publicKey;

//Add they keys to a key list
const keyList = new KeyList().add(publicKey1).add(publicKey2).add(publicKey3);


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