Pause a token

A token pause transaction prevents the token from being involved in any kind of operation. The token's pause key is required to sign the transaction. This is a key that is specified during the creation of a token. If a token has no pause key, you will not be able to pause the token. If the pause key was not set during the creation of a token, you will not be able to update the token to add this key.

The following operations cannot be performed when a token is paused and will result in a TOKEN_IS_PAUSED status.

  • Updating the token

  • Transfering the token

  • Transferring any other token where it has its paused key in a custom fee schedule

  • Deleting the token

  • Minting or burning a token

  • Freezing or unfreezing an account that holds the token

  • Enabling or disabling KYC

  • Associating or disassociating a token

  • Wiping a token

Once a token is paused, token status will update to paused. To verify if the token's status has been updated to paused, you can request the token info via the SDK or use the token info mirror node query. If the token is not paused the token status will be unpaused. The token status for tokens that do not have an assigned pause key will state PauseNotApplicable.

Transaction Signing Requirements

  • The pause key of the token

  • Transaction fee payer account key

Transaction Fees

  • Please see the transaction and query fees table for base transaction fee

  • Please use the Hedera fee estimator to estimate your transaction fee cost





The ID of the token to pause


//Create the token pause transaction and specify the token to pause
TokenPauseTransaction transaction = new TokenPauseTransaction()

//Freeze the unsigned transaction, sign with the pause key, submit the transaction to a Hedera network
TransactionResponse txResponse = transaction.freezeWith(client).sign(pauseKey).execute(client);

//Request the receipt of the transaction
TransactionReceipt receipt = txResponse.getReceipt(client);

//Obtain the transaction consensus status
Status transactionStatus = receipt.status;

System.out.println("The transaction consensus status is: " +transactionStatus);

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