Queries are requests that do not require network consensus. Queries are processed only by the single node the request is sent to. Below is a list of network queries by service.

Get Query Cost

A query that returns the cost of a query prior to submitting the query to the network node for processing. If the cost of the query is greater than the default max query payment (1 HBAR) you can use setMaxQueryPayment(<hbar>) to change the default.




Get the cost of the query in HBAR

getCost(<client, timeout>)

Client, Duration

The max length of time the SDK will attempt to retry in the event of repeated busy responses from the node(s)



Get the cost of a query asynchronously

//Create the query request
AccountBalanceQuery query = new AccountBalanceQuery()

//Get the cost of the query
Hbar queryCost = query.getCost(client);

System.out.println("The account balance query cost is " +queryCost);


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