Get smart contract info

A query that returns the current state of a smart contract instance, including its balance. Queries do not change the state of the smart contract or require network consensus. The information is returned from a single node processing the query.

Smart Contract Info Response


Contract ID

ID of the contract instance, in the format used in transactions.

Account ID

ID of the cryptocurrency account owned by the contract instance.

Contract Account ID

ID of both the contract instance and the cryptocurrency account owned by the contract.

Admin Key

The state of the instance and its fields can be modified arbitrarily if this key signs a transaction to modify it. If this is null, then such modifications are not possible, and there is no administrator that can override the normal operation of this smart contract instance. Note that if it is created with no admin keys, then there is no administrator to authorize changing the admin keys, so there can never be any admin keys for that instance.

Expiration Time

The current time at which this contract instance (and its account) is set to expire.

Auto Renew Period

The expiration time will extend every this many seconds. If there are insufficient funds, then it extends as long as possible. If the account is empty when it expires, then it is deleted.


Number of bytes of storage being used by this instance (which affects the cost to extend the expiration time).

Contract Memo

The memo associated with the contract (max 100 bytes).


The current balance of the contract.


Whether the contract has been deleted.

Ledger ID

The ID of the network the response came from. See HIP-198.


The tokens associated to the contract. Deprecated. Please see HIP-367.

Staking Info

The staking metadata for this contract. This includes the staking period start, the pending reward, the account ID or the node ID, whether or not rewards were declined, and how many hbars are staked to this contract account, if any. See HIP-406. Live on: previewnet/testnet

Query Signing Requirements

  • The client operator account's private key (fee payer) is required to sign this query

Query Fees

  • Please see the transaction and query fees table for the base transaction fee

  • Please use the Hedera fee estimator to estimate your query fee





The ID of the smart contract to return the token for

//Create the query
ContractInfoQuery query = new ContractInfoQuery()

//Sign the query with the client operator private key and submit to a Hedera network
ContractInfo info = query.execute(client);

     balance=0 tℏ

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