This feature is available in the Hedera JavaScript SDK only. (version >=2.14.0).

Provider provides access to a Hedera network to which requests should be submitted to. The Hedera network can be specified to previewnet, testnet, or mainnet.

The most important method on the provider interface is the call method which allows a user to submit any request and get the correct response for that request. For instance,Java

// Balance of node account ID 0.0.3 
const balance = AccountBalanceQuery().setAccountId(AccountId.fromString("0.0.3")));Interface Provider


getLedgerId()->** LedgerId**

Returns the ledger ID of the current network.

getNetwork()->** Map < [key: string]: (string | AccountId)>**

Returns the entire network map for the current network.

getAccountBalance(accountId: AccountId | string)->** Promise<AccountBalance>**

Get the balance for the specified account ID.

getAccountInfo(accountId: AccountId | string)->** Promise<AccountInfo>**

Get the info for the specified account ID.

getAccountRecords(accountId: AccountId | string)->** Promise<TransactionRecord[]>**

Get the account record for the specified account ID.

getTransactionReceipt(transactionId:TransactionId): TransactionReceipt

Get a receipt for the specified transaction ID.

waitForReceipt(response: TransactionResponse)->** Promise<TransactionReceipt>**

Execute multiple TransactionReceiptQuery's until we get an erroring status code, or a success state code.

call(<RequestT, ResponseT, OutputT>(request: Executable<RequestT, ResponseT, OutputT>)->** Promise <Output>**

Responsible for serializing your request and sending it over the wire to be executed, and then deserializing the response into the appropriate type.

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