Get the tx record of a transaction, given its transaction ID. Once a transaction reaches consensus, then information about whether it succeeded or failed will be available until the end of the receipt period. Before and after the receipt period, and for a transaction that was never submitted, the receipt is unknown. This query is free (the payment field is left empty).



Standard info sent from client to node, including the signed payment, and what kind of response is requested (cost, state proof, both, or neither).


The ID of the transaction for which the record is requested.


Response when the client sends the node TransactionGetFastRecordQuery. If it created a new entity (account, file, or smart contract instance) then one of the three ID fields will be filled in with the ID of the new entity. Sometimes a single transaction will create more than one new entity, such as when a new contract instance is created, and this also creates the new account that it owned by that instance.



Standard response from node to client, including the requested fields: cost, or state proof, or both, or neither


The requested transaction records

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