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Join Hedera Mainnet


The Hedera mainnet (short for main network) is where applications are run in production, with transaction fees paid in HBAR. Transactions are submitted to the Hedera mainnet by any application or retail user; they're automatically consensus timestamped and fairly ordered.
Data associated with Hedera's services and stored on-chain can be queried by any Hedera account. Every transaction requires payment in the form of a transaction fee denominated in tinybars (100,000,000 tℏ = 1 ℏ). You can learn more about transaction fees and estimate your application costs here.
If you're looking to test your application (or just experiment), please visit Testnet Access. The Hedera testnet enables developers to prototype and test applications in a simulated mainnet environment that uses test HBAR for paying transaction fees.
Transaction Throttles Transactions on the Hedera Mainnet are currently throttled. You will receive a "BUSY" response if the number of transactions submitted to the network exceeds the threshold value.

Network Throttles

Network Request Types
Throttle (tps)
Cryptocurrency Transactions
AccountCreateTransaction: 2 tps
AccountBalanceQuery: unlimited
TransferTransaction (inc. tokens): 10,000 tps Other: 10,000 tps
Consensus Transactions
TopicCreateTransaction: 5 tps
Other: 10,000 tps
Token Transactions
  • 125 TPS for fungible mint
  • 50 TPS for NFT mint
TokenAssociateTransaction: 100 tps TransferTransaction (inc. tokens): 10,000 tps
Other: 3,000 tps
Schedule Transactions
ScheduleSignTransaction: 100 tps ScheduleCreateTransaction: 100 tps
File Transactions
10 tps
Smart Contract Transactions
ContractExecuteTransaction: 350 tps ContractCreateTransaction: 350 tps
ContractGetInfo: 700 tps ContractGetBytecode: 700 tps ContractCallLocal: 700 tps FileGetInfo: 700 tps FileGetContents: 700 tps Other: 10,000 tps
unlimited (no throttle)