Create a key list

Create a key list key structure where all the keys in the list are required to sign transactions that modify accounts, topics, tokens, smart contracts, or files. A key list can contain a Ed25519 or ECDSA (secp256k1_)_ key type.

If all the keys in the key list key structure do not sign, the transaction will fail and return an "INVALID_SIGNATURE" error. A key list can have repeated keys. A signature for the repeated key will count as many times as the key is listed in the key list. For example, a key list has three keys. Two of the three public keys in the list are the same. When a user signs a transaction with the repeated key it will account for two out of the three keys required signature.






Keys to add to the key list

//Generate 3 keys
PrivateKey key1 = PrivateKey.generate();
PublicKey publicKey1 = key1.getPublicKey();

PrivateKey key2 = PrivateKey.generate();
PublicKey publicKey2 = key2.getPublicKey();

PrivateKey key3 = PrivateKey.generate();
PublicKey publicKey3 = key3.getPublicKey();

//Create a key list where all 3 keys are required to sign
KeyList keyStructure = KeyList.of(key1, key2, key3);



Sample Output

     keys=[302e020100300506032b6570042204201cd556de918842179791d9edd75cdd2b5d34c5c73b0239ec0b34c67eedc020fd, 302e020100300506032b6570042204209ca1ce4463b71c72bba0219c37e18347a5145a9797c6546a6c99e50255c54be3, 302e020100300506032b657004220420982bb43f4947e8376e2f0ebfde086d24323b04d731da29446e5bc399ffbe06e1]

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