The type of network freeze or upgrade operation to be performed. This type dictates which fields are required.



An (invalid) default value for this enum, to ensure the client explicitly sets the intended type of freeze transaction.


Freezes the network at the specified time. The start_time field must be provided and must reference a future time. Any values specified for the update_file and file_hash fields will be ignored. This transaction does not perform any network changes or upgrades and requires manual intervention to restart the network.


A non-freezing operation that initiates network wide preparation in advance of a scheduled freeze upgrade. The update_file and file_hash fields must be provided and valid. The start_time field may be omitted and any value present will be ignored.


Freezes the network at the specified time and performs the previously prepared automatic upgrade across the entire network.


Aborts a pending network freeze operation.


Performs an immediate upgrade on auxilary services and containers providing telemetry/metrics. Does not impact network operations.

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