Create a new account. After the account is created, the AccountID for it is in the receipt, or can be retrieved with a GetByKey query, or by asking for a Record of the transaction to be created, and retrieving that. The account can then automatically generate records for large transfers into it or out of it, which each last for 25 hours. Records are generated for any transfer that exceeds the thresholds given here. This account is charged cryptocurrency for each record generated, so the thresholds are useful for limiting Record generation to happen only for large transactions. The Key field is the key used to sign transactions for this account. If the account has receiverSigRequired set to true, then all cryptocurrency transfers must be signed by this account's key, both for transfers in and out. If it is false, then only transfers out have to be signed by it. When the account is created, the payer account is charged enough hbars so that the new account will not expire for the next autoRenewPeriod seconds. When it reaches the expiration time, the new account will then be automatically charged to renew for another autoRenewPeriod seconds. If it does not have enough hbars to renew for that long, then the remaining hbars are used to extend its expiration as long as possible. If it is has a zero balance when it expires, then it is deleted. This transaction must be signed by the payer account. If receiverSigRequired is false, then the transaction does not have to be signed by the keys in the keys field. If it is true, then it must be signed by them, in addition to the keys of the payer account.



The key that must sign each transfer out of the account. If receiverSigRequired is true, then it must also sign any transfer into the account.



The initial number of tinybars to put into the account


ID of the account to which this account is proxy staked. If proxyAccountID is null, or is an invalid account, or is an account that isn't a node, then this account is automatically proxy staked to a node chosen by the network, but without earning payments. If the proxyAccountID account refuses to accept proxy staking , or if it is not currently running a node, then it will behave as if proxyAccountID was null.



[Deprecated v0.8.0] The threshold amount (in tinybars) for which an account record is created for any send/withdraw transaction



[Deprecated v0.8.0] The threshold amount (in tinybars) for which an account record is created for any receive/deposit transaction



If true, this account's key must sign any transaction depositing into this account (in addition to all withdrawals)


The account is charged to extend its expiration date every this many seconds. If it doesn't have enough balance, it extends as long as possible. If it is empty when it expires, then it is deleted.


The shard in which this account is created


The realm in which this account is created (leave this null to create a new realm)


If realmID is null, then this the admin key for the new realm that will be created



The memo associated with the account (UTF-8 encoding max 100 bytes)



The maximum number of tokens that an Account can be implicitly associated with. Defaults to 0 and up to a maximum value of 1000.

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