Unpause a token

A token unpause transaction is a transaction that unpauses the token that was previously disabled from participating in transactions. The token's pause key is required to sign the transaction. Once the unpause transaction is submitted the token pause status is updated to unpause.

Transaction Signing Requirements:

  • The pause key of the token

  • Transaction fee payer account key

Transaction Fees

  • Please see the transaction and query fees table for the base transaction fee

  • Please use the Hedera fee estimator to estimate your transaction fee cost




The ID of the token to pause



//Create the token unpause transaction and specify the token to pause
TokenUnpauseTransaction transaction = new TokenUnpauseTransaction()

//Freeze the unsigned transaction, sign with the pause key, submit the transaction to a Hedera network
TransactionResponse txResponse = transaction.freezeWith(client).sign(pauseKey).execute(client);

//Request the receipt of the transaction
TransactionReceipt receipt = txResponse.getReceipt(client);

//Obtain the transaction consensus status
Status transactionStatus = receipt.status;

System.out.println("The transaction consensus status is: " +transactionStatus);

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