The Hedera JSON-RPC Relay is an open-source project that implements the Ethereum JSON-RPC standard. The JSON-RPC relay allows developers to interact with Hedera nodes using familiar Ethereum tools. This allows Ethereum developers and users to deploy, query, and execute contracts as they usually would. Check out the interactable OpenRPC Specification and a simple list of endpoints. The Hedera JSON-RPC relay implementation is in beta, offers limited functionality today, and is only available to developers.

HBAR decimal places

The JSON RPC Relay msg.value uses 18 decimals when it returns HBAR. As a result, the gasPrice value returns 18 decimal places since it is only utilized from the JSON RPC Relay. Refer to the HBAR page for a list of Hedera APIs and the decimal places they return.


Check out the HBAR page for the full list of Hedera APIs and their decimal representation.
To contribute feedback or log errors, please refer to the Contributing Guide and submit them as issues in the GitHub repository.