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Hedera supported and community-maintained SDKs
For friendly, language-specific access to the Hedera API and its network services, there are several options.

Hedera Services Code SDKs

Hedera and the developer community contribute to and maintain Hedera Services Code SDKs across various languages.
Note: v1 of the Java and JavaScript SDKs are deprecated and support will be discontinued after October 2021. Please install the latest 2.x version or migrate from v1 to the latest 2.x version. You can reference the migration documentation titled "MIGRATING_V1" within each repository.
Note: The Hedera JavaScript SDK supports React Native with Expo on Android devices and Android emulators. It does not currently support React Native Bare.

Development Tools & SDKs

Hedera and the developer community contribute to and maintain developer tools and SDKs. These can be used to make bootstrapping your own project even easier

Additional Language Support

Build a Hedera-powered application using your favorite language with these community-supported SDKs.

Ecosystem Wallet Support

If you're building a decentralized application on Hedera that requires wallet connectivity, such as allowing users to connect their HashPack, Blade wallets, or MetaMask, check out the easy-to-implement wallet integration SDKs/tutorials found below. In addition, dApp integration tools for account creation and management, such as Magic Link, make it easy for your users to create an account on Hedera and authenticate themselves in no time.
Blade Wallet JS API
Maintainer: Community
License: Apache 2.0
HashPack HashConnect
Maintainer: Community
License: MIT
Magic Link Wallet SDK
Maintainer: Community
License: MIT
MetaMask Integration
Maintainer: Community
License: MIT

Decentralized Identity SDKs

Build decentralized identity directly into your Hedera-powered application. Manage DID Documents & a Verifiable Credentials registry, abiding by W3C standards, using the Hedera Consensus Service.

Serverless SDKs

Build a Hedera-powered application using your own serverless REST client.
Want to help contribute or have a project you'd like to see, here? Get in touch in discord or add a pull request.