Update NFT metadata

A TokenUpdateNftsTransaction updates the metadata property of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Hedera network. The transaction requires signing with the metadata key and will fail otherwise. The new metadata must be a valid byte array and is limited to 100 bytes. All transactions are recorded on the network, providing an auditable history of changes. The metadata key allows updates to existing NFTs in a collection; if no value is provided for a field, it remains unchanged.

🚨 Metadata keys, like other token keys, must be set during the token creation. If metadata keys are not set when the token is created, they cannot be added later, and you won't be able to update the token's metadata.


Token ID

The ID of the NFT to update.

Serial Numbers

The list of serial numbers to be updated.


The new metadata of the NFT(s).

Transaction Signing Requirements

  • Metadata key is required to sign.

  • Transaction fee payer account key.

Transaction Fees

  • Please see the transaction and query fees table for the base transaction fee.

  • Please use the Hedera fee estimator to estimate your transaction fee cost.












// Create the transaction
TokenUpdateNftsTransaction tokenUpdateNftsTx = new TokenUpdateNftsTransaction()

// Sign the transaction and execute it
TransactionReceipt tokenUpdateNftsResponse = tokenUpdateNftsTx.sign(metadataKey)).execute(client);

// Get receipt for update nfts metadata transaction
TokenUpdateNftsReceipt tokenUpdateNftsReceipt = tokenUpdateNftsResponse.getReceipt(client);

// Get the transaction consensus status
Status transactionStatus = tokenUpdateNftsReceipt.status;

// Print the token update metadata transaction status
System.out.println("Token metadata update status: " + transactionStatus);



What is the transaction fee to update a token's metadata?

The transaction fee to update the metadata of 1 NFT is $0.001 To update metadata for multiple NFTs in a single call is N x $0.001 (N being the number of NFTs to update). See the full list of token transaction fees here.

What happens if I forget to add metadata keys during token creation?

If you don't set metadata keys during token creation, you won't be able to add them later or use them to update the token's metadata.

Are metadata keys required for all token types?

No, metadata keys are not required for all token types. If your use case will need the ability to update the metadata in the future, the metadata key must be set during token creation. HIP-646 introduces the token metadata field for fungible tokens, providing users the ability to update metadata for both token types (fungible and non-fungible) using the metadata key.

Can I still create a token without metadata keys?

Yes, you can create a token without metadata keys but you won't be able to add metadata keys or update the token's metadata.

Is it possible to remove metadata keys from a token after it has been created?

No, once a token is created with metadata keys, those keys become a permanent part of the token's configuration. They cannot be removed or modified after the token creation.

Can the metadata key update the token metadata if the token is paused ?

No, this is just like a regular TokenUpdate. It will fail if token is paused.

Can NFT metadata be updated if the asset is held by an account that is frozen for operations with that token?

If the tokenId of the NFT is not paused, and if the token has metadataKey the metadata of NFT can still be updated.

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