Run a Local Node in Codespaces

Codespaces is a cloud development environment (CDE) that's hosted in the cloud. You can customize your project for GitHub Codespaces by committing configuration files to your repository (often known as Configuration-as-Code), which creates a repeatable codespaces configuration for all users of your project. GitHub Codespaces overview


Configure Dev Container

To configure t he dev container, open the Hedela Local Node repo and click on the Code->Codespaces->...-> Configure dev container.

This will open the dev container configuration file where you can customize your configuration like the CPUs and memory.

Note: If you make changes to your config file, commit and push your changes before running local node, to ensure the project starts with the right configuration.

Creating and Running Your Codespace

Open the Hedela Local Node repo and click on the Code->Codespaces->...-> New with options... button and choose the appropriate settings:

Once your codespace is created, the template repository will be automatically cloned into it. Your codespace is all set up and have the local node running!

Conclusion and Additional Resources

Congrats on successfully setting up your Codespace and running a Hedera Local Node!

Hedera Local Node Repository

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