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Hedera Mirror Node

The Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) is a gRPC API endpoint on the mirror node to stream HCS messages. It offers the ability to subscribe to HCS topics and receive messages for the topic subscribed to. API docs for the mirror nodes can be found here:


The non-production public mainnet mirror node serves to help developers build their applications without having to run their own mirror node. For production-ready mainnet mirror nodes, please check out Arkhia, Dragonglass, or Ledger Works. When building your Hedera client via SDK, you can use setMirrorNetwork() and enter the public mainnet mirror node endpoint. The gRPC API requires TLS. The following SDK versions support TLS:
  • Java: v2.0.6+
  • JavaScript: v2.0.23+
  • Go: v2.1.9+
Requests are throttled at 100 requests per second (rps). This may change in the future depending on performance or security considerations. At this time, no authentication is required.
//You will need to upgrade to v2.0.6 or higher
Client client = Client.forMainnet();
//You will need to upgrade to v2.0.23 or higher
const client = Client.forMainnet()
client := hedera.ClientForMainnet()
Mainnet Mirror Node Endpoint: mainnet-public.mirrornode.hedera.com:443 REST API Mainnet Root Endpoint: https://mainnet-public.mirrornode.hedera.com


The endpoints provided below allow developers to access the testnet mirror node, which contains testnet transaction data.
HCS Testnet Mirror Node Endpoint: testnet.mirrornode.hedera.com:443
REST API Testnet Root Endpoint: https://testnet.mirrornode.hedera.com


The endpoints provided below allow developers to access the previewnet mirror node, which contains previewnet transaction data.
HCS Previewnet Mirror Node Endpoint: previewnet.mirrornode.hedera.com:443
REST API Preview Testnet Root Endpoint: https://previewnet.mirrornode.hedera.com