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The Hedera Governing Council (via the Coin Committee) votes on the maximum reward rate. The maximum reward can change over time and is not a fixed value. For the latest reward rate, check out the "Nodes" page in HashScan. The actual reward rate will vary depending on how many HBAR are staked for rewards, but the rate will not exceed the cap. In the future, when nodes are down or inactive the staked account will not be eligible to earn rewards.

To view network nodes, their current stake, and reward rate, please visit

Supported Wallets:



Staking Reward Distribution

Rewards distributions can be triggered by one of the following mechanisms:

  • When your staked account has HBAR transferred to it or debited from it

  • When you update the staked account to stake to a different node

  • When you update the staked account to decline rewards

  • When the total number of HBAR staked to an account changes

  • When the staked account is auto-renewed (auto-renew for accounts is not enabled at this time)

  • When an account staked to this one has its account balance change

  • You can continue to collect rewards earned for up to 365 days without a rewards payment being triggered

    • If you go more than 365 days without a rewards payment, you can only collect on the last 365 days

    • Example: Staker stakes for 1000 days, never collecting a reward, and on the 1001st day collect your rewards

      • You will only get rewards for the latest 365 periods

      • You will not earn rewards for the preceding 635 periods (1,000 days - 365 days)

✅ For complete staking program details, check out the Staking Program page.

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