Burns tokens from the Token's treasury Account. If no Supply Key is defined, the transaction will resolve to TOKEN_HAS_NO_SUPPLY_KEY.

The operation decreases the Total Supply of the Token. Total supply cannot go below zero.

The amount provided must be in the lowest denomination possible. Example:

Token A has 2 decimals. In order to burn 100 tokens, one must provide amount of 10000. In order to burn 100.55 tokens, one must provide amount of 10055.




The token for which to burn tokens. If token does not exist, transaction results in INVALID_TOKEN_ID



The amount to burn from the Treasury Account. Amount must be a positive non-zero number, not bigger than the token balance of the treasury account (0; balance], represented in the lowest denomination.


repeated int64

Applicable to tokens of type NON_FUNGIBLE_UNIQUE. The list of serial numbers to be burned.

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