Ethereum transaction

This feature is on previewnet only. API is subject to change.

The raw Ethereum transaction (RLP encoded type 0, 1, and 2) will hold signed Ethereum transactions and execute them as Hedera transactions in a prescribed manner.

Important Hedera interprets hbar decimals differently depending on the context. The lowest denomination of HBAR when used within a the value field in the EthereumTransaction is weibars meaning with 18 decimals The lowest denomination of hbar when used within data or the Hedera EVM is tinybars meaning with 8 decimals. Gas Price information is in weibars denomination. Reference: HIP-410


Call Data File ID

For large transactions (for example contract creation) this should be used to set the FileId of an HFS file containing the callData f the ethereumData. The data in the ethereumData will be re-written with the callData element as a zero-length string with the original contents in the referenced file at the time of execution. The ethereumData will need to be "rehydrated" with the callData for signature validation to pass.

Ethereum Data

The raw Ethereum transaction (RLP encoded type 0, 1, and 2). Complete unless the callDataFileId is set.

Max Allowance

The maximum amount that the payer of the Hedera transaction is willing to pay in hbar to complete the transaction. Ordinarily, the account with the ECDSA alias corresponding to the public key that is extracted from the ethereum_data signature is responsible for fees that result from the execution of the transaction. If that amount of authorized fees is not sufficient then the payer of the transaction can be charged, up to but not exceeding this amount. If the ethereum_data transaction authorized an amount that was insufficient then the payer will only be charged the amount needed to make up the difference. If the gas price in the transaction was set to zero then the payer will be assessed the entire fee.

Transaction Signing Requirements

  • The key of the transaction fee-paying account

Transaction Fees

  • Please see the transaction and query fees table for the base transaction fee





byte []



//Create the transaction
EthereumTransaction transaction = new EthereumTransaction()

//Sign with the client operator private key to pay for the transaction and submit the query to a Hedera network
TransactionResponse txResponse = transaction.execute(client);

//Request the receipt of the transaction
TransactionReceipt receipt = txResponse.getReceipt(client);

//Get the transaction consensus status
Status transactionStatus = receipt.status;

System.out.println("The transaction consensus status is " +transactionStatus);


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