Schedule ID

The entity ID of a schedule transaction.

A ScheduleId is composed of a <shardNum>.<realmNum>.<scheduleNum> (eg. 0.0.10).

  • shardNum represents the shard number (shardId). It will default to 0 today, as Hedera only performs in one shard.

  • realmNum represents the realm number (realmId). It will default to 0 today, as realms are not yet supported.

  • scheduleNum represents the schedule number (scheduleId)

Together these values make up your ScheduleId. When a ScheduleId is requested in a field, be sure enter all three values.




new ScheduleId(<shardNum>,<realmNum>,<scheduleNum>)

long, long, long

Constructs a ScheduleId with 0 for shardNum and realmNum (e.g., 0.0.<scheduleNum>)


ScheduleId scheduleID = new ScheduleId(0,0,10); 

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