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Hello World

❓ So you want to develop on Hedera.
🤷 Not sure where to start?
🕙 Why not start with something you could complete in 10 minutes?
🏁 Let's go! 🎉🎉🎉

Hello World Sequences

There are multiple Hello World sequences for you to follow along.
To start, you must do the first sequence, as you will need a funded account to do any other tasks on Hedera. Subsequently, you can do the remaining sequences in any order.

Key concepts
  • Hedera Testnet
  • HBAR
  • Transaction
  • Query
  • Mirror Node
  • Hedera File Service (HFS)
  • Hedera Token Service (HTS)
  • Hedera Smart Contract Service (HSCS)
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)