Here you will learn the basics of submitting transactions and queries to the Hedera network. You will see how easy it is to get started with one of our Hedera SDKs in the programming language of your choice.
To successfully follow each of the coding samples, you will need a Hedera testnet account ID and private key. To set up a Hedera testnet account, please visit the Hedera portal and follow the instructions. Once you have completed the instructions, you will see a Hedera testnet account ID (0.0.x) and your private/public key pair on your home page. You will need to copy the account ID and private key when you set up your coding environment. Your Hedera testnet account will also be credited with test hbar upon creation.

Select Your Programming Language 👇

Click on the programming language of your choice to get started. Be sure to have your favorite text editor or IDE ready to go. You can always check the "Code Check ✅ " section at the bottom of each page to view the entire code if you run into issues. You can also post your issue to the respective SDK channel in our Discord community here or on the GitHub repository.
Note: The Hedera JavaScript SDK supports React Native with Expo on Android devices and Android emulators. It does not currently support React Native Bare.
Last modified 3mo ago