Hedera Mirror Node

The Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) gRPC API is a public mirror node managed by Hedera. It offers the ability to subscribe to HCS topics and receive messages for the topic subscribed. API docs for the mirror nodes can be found here:


For our whitelisted partners: HCS Mainnet Mirror Node Endpoint: hcs.mainnet.mirrornode.hedera.com:5600 REST API Mainnet Root Endpoint: https://mainnet.mirrornode.hedera.com


HCS Testnet Mirror Node Endpoints: hcs.testnet.mirrornode.hedera.com:5600

REST API Testnet Root Endpoint: https://testnet.mirrornode.hedera.com


HCS Preview Testnet Mirror Node Endpoints: hcs.previewnet.mirrornode.hedera.com:5600

REST API Preview Testnet Root Endpoint: https://previewnet.mirrornode.hedera.com