Through this short Getting Started coding series, you will learn the basics of creating an account, transferring HBAR, signing, and submitting transactions to the Hedera Testnet. The Hedera test network allows you to play with our APIs in a non-production environment. You will see how easy it is to get started with one of our Hedera SDKs in the programming language of your choice. First, you must create a Hedera Portal profile to receive test HBAR.

Create Hedera Portal Profile (Faucet)

The Hedera Testnet account allows you to interact with our APIs and pay for the transaction fees. Visit the Hedera portal to create your Hedera Testnet account and follow the instructions.
Screenshot of the Hedera Developer portal (portal.hedera.com/register) account creation page.
Once you have completed the instructions, you will receive a Hedera Testnet account ID (0.0.x) and your private/public key pair on your testnet page. You will need to copy over your account ID and the DER-encoded private key information when you set up your coding environment in the following steps.
Note: Your Hedera Testnet account will be credited with 10,000 test HBAR upon creation that can only be utilized on the Hedera test network. Your balance will be topped up daily to 10,000 test HBAR when you use your funds.