Testnet Access

Join a Hedera testnet

Hedera testnets provides developers with access to a free testing environment for Hedera network services. Testnets are likely to change and data may be deleted.

Create Hedera Portal Profile

To create your Hedera Portal profile register here and complete your profile.

Once you've completed setting up your profile, your home page will automatically create a testnet account and generate the public and private key pair associated with it. You can easily copy your accountId, public key, and private key information to your clipboard to use when configuring your SDK environment for testnet. The "NETWORK" section contains the node ID and node address of testnet nodes that can be configured in your application to submit transactions

You're now ready to build your application on testnet!

Updated 12 days ago

What's Next

Set up the Hedera Java SDK or find your favorite community supported language

Getting started

Testnet Access

Join a Hedera testnet

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