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The Hedera mainnet, short for main network, is where applications are run in production with real transactions and associated costs. is the public network used to deploy decentralized applications for use in production. Transactions can be submitted to the Hedera mainnet by any application user and are timestamped and ordered automatically by the distributed ledger. Any data associated with Hedera services and stored on ledger can be accessed by any Hedera account. For each transaction, small transaction fees will be charged (in tinybars). You can find more information about transactions fees here. If you are looking to test your application or just to experiment, please check out Testnet Access, which allows you to prototype and practice in a real Hedera network without incurring those fees.

Limited Support Transactions are currently throttled for mainnet and testnet. You will receive a "BUSY" response if the number of transactions submitted to the network exceeds the threshold value.

Network Service




Smart Contracts


File Service


Consensus Service


Network Throttles

Network Request Type

Throttle (tps)

Cryptocurrency Transactions

CryptoTransfer transactions: 10,000 tps

All other cryptocurrency transactions: 13 tps

Consensus Transactions

MessageSubmit transactions: 1,000 tps

getTopicInfo/createTopic/updateTopic/deleteTopic: 100 tps

File Transactions

All transaction types: 13 tps

Smart Contract Transactions

All transaction types: 13 tps


6,500 tps


unlimited (no throttle)