Join a Hedera Testnet


Hedera testnets provides developers with access to a free testing environment for Hedera network services. Testnets simulate the exact same development environment as you would expect for mainnet. This includes transaction fees, throttles, available services, etc. Once your application has been built and tested in this test enviornment you can expect to migrate your decentralized application to mainnet without any changes. Testnets are likely to change and data may be deleted

Test Networks:



Test Network

Runs the same code as the Hedera mainnet, designed to provide a pre-production environment for developers about to move to mainnet. You can find compatible SDKs here.

Preview Test Network

Code that is under development by the Hedera team, and likely to be used in an upcoming release, designed to give developers early exposure to features coming down the pipe. Updates to the network are made frequently. There is no guarentee a SDK will readily support the up and coming features.


Note: Updates to this network are triggered by a new release and are frequent. These updates will not be reflected on the status page.

Limited Support Transactions are currently throttled for mainnet and testnet. You will receive a "BUSY" response if the number of transactions submitted to the network exceeds the threshold value.

Network Service




Consensus Service


File Service


Smart Contract Service


Test Network Throttles

Network Request Type

Throttle (tps)

Cryptocurrency Transactions

8,000 tps

Consensus Transactions

3,000 tps

CreateTopic: 5 tps

File Transactions

13 tps

Smart Contract Transactions

13 tps


8,000 tps


unlimited (no throttle)